Collaborating and selling our products for commercial purposes throughout our business made us step our game up.

Working with different B2B clients can also be a great marketing tool for your brand. Businesses satisfied with the service will spread the word and raise awareness about your product.

In this article, we want to explain why this is one of the best ways to achieve success and level up your business.

Without any further ado, let’s dive right into the meat and potatoes.

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Higher Standard

Working with different businesses made us realize a lot. Restaurants, offices, receptions, and health care facilities all need high quality when it comes to furniture pieces.

They all demand a certain standard in terms of aesthetics, quality and service. This need for a high standard forced us to think more about user experience and adjust the aesthetics to wider audiences.

With that in mind, we managed to create a structure that forced us to develop better products and start to think about our client’s customers.

We also noticed the pattern in which commercial spaces order which types of chairs. This statistic helped us to do our marketing better. Our marketing team also saw that certain clients wanted more pieces.

As you continue to read, we will go into more depth about how we precisely adjusted every one of our products to their B2B demand.

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Restaurants And B2B

As one of the most popular catering facilities, restaurants demand a certain amount of pedigree in every aspect of their interior. Immediately a challenge was for us to make sure our dining chairs exceeded expectations in terms of aesthetics and quality. The Danish dining chair model became one of the most popular across various bakeries, restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

What really separates this model from the rest is its unique woodwork mixed with extraordinary comfort, which is not too familiar for wooden dining chairs.

Due to restaurants having the habit of getting a more significant number of chairs per order, we wanted to make sure they are stackable so the staff can easily move them.

High-class catering facilities are searching for comfortable wooden dining chairs that are also aesthetically pleasing. Another traditional piece we added to our list of restaurants, cafes and bakeries is The Crossback chair. Versatile and stackable, this piece perfectly blends into every vintage and modern interior.

crossback chairs in a restaurant, plant vine on a brick wall.

Improved User Experience

To bring our B2B service to the next level, we knew that it was crucial to dedicate a page to our clients and improve our user experience on the website. Adjusting our product descriptions, features and FAQs to our B2B customers provides more insight and information to our buyers.

Regarding the furniture we sell to businesses, we need to adjust our service and approach to the demand.

Whether it is a health care facility, office or any other interior, the client wants to know how this furniture contributes to their business. With regular customers, our product pages usually go more in-depth about the quality of the materials and how they can be incorporated into the room.

Here, it is about how a particular product can contribute to the business and how it can increase sales, productivity and energy during the day.

Working with other businesses forces you to stretch your imagination and think outside the box in the grand scheme of things.

Health Facilities

Some of the essential clients that we acquired for our business are multiple health facilities.

Most of the furniture we distribute to these clients is our comfortable office chairs, but we’re also equipping these interiors with standing desks and other types of chairs.

Office chairs are ideal for the doctor’s and therapist’s offices and reception rooms, while our other chairs fit more into the waiting room category.

Our clients in health care challenged us to grow in so many ways.

They demand excellence, comfort and aesthetics that match their space. The colours must be comforting and warm, while our customer service team must always provide our clients with all the relevant info.

Building trust is a major component that will ensure you succeed in your b2b, and you always build trust on quality.

With excellent service, user experience on the website, good products and genuine care about your customers, you can leverage your trust and turn it into a successful ROI.

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Get Your Values Straight

Your business needs to have a strong foundation regarding your ethics and morals. Business clients want to know what you stand for. As every business has strong company values, it is only natural for them to require the same from you.

Make sure you have a page dedicated to ethics where you briefly explain what your company stands for and the action steps you took to represent it.

Following this method strengthens the relationship between you and your clients and helps you reflect on what you stand for.

7 brown office chairs in a corporate boardroom

Personalize Your Service

This principle is crucial for multiple reasons. Every successful B2B knows that your business clients want to feel special. With bigger orders, they demand special treatment, and you should always be there to give them some extra care.

One of the best ways to do this is by providing them with a personalized B2B expert who will always be there to support them throughout their shopping experience.

Besides providing them with all the necessary info, he will also ensure their order is safely distributed while making them feel safe.

Also, special discounts and giveaways are an excellent way to motivate your clients further.

Giving them exclusive treatment will encourage them to continue working with you. It will also push them to spread the word about the business and leave an encouraging review. Whenever there is a transaction, people focus on what they can instead of what they can give.

Your main goal should always be to provide genuine value for your customers; the ROI will always be exponential.