Have you ever wished to be at sea so bad, but you could not go? Golden soft sand goes through your fingers while you hear ocean waves splash in the rhythm of the wind’s sound.

Coastal design is precisely that. It allows you to bring summer and everything beach-related into the comfort of your home.

What separates brilliant interior design from ordinary is its ability to bring a certain mood or a landscape into your home.
Even though many compare the coastal design with the nautical style, these two have many significant differences.

While nautical is more in your face, coastal takes more of that minimalistic, lighter approach. So you don’t need to run into a first naval-themed store and buy a bunch of anchors and marine-themed accessories.

This design is more about the tone you set.

In a nutshell, coastal design is beachy, reminiscent of those houses near the sea, spacious and abundant with natural light, blue and white.

What’s so great about this particular decor style is that it keeps your rooms relaxed and light.

In this article, we want to introduce you to this beautiful design and guide you to decorate your home.

Without further ado, here are the topics that we’ll cover:

coastal design living room with dark blue and blue white sofa, dining table set for 6 in the back

Diving Into The Origins

Many people classify this decor style into the same category as all modern ones; however, coastal is much older.

To the surprise of many, the coastal interior has been around for centuries. The beginning of its story starts in The Hamptons, US. Over time it modified itself a lot, mainly based on the region.

For example, dark-varnished woods dominate the space in the Northeastern states, while lighter tones, although greyed, dominate in the Southern States.

If you decide to visit warmer places like California or Florida, their coastal design will look more tropical.

As time passed, the coastal design evolved into an idea or an interpretation subject to the designers and homeowners. Now, it is more about how you will bring the outside in no matter if their home is based on that beachy location.

coastal design living room near beach, open window, wind, woven lamps and chair

Bring in The Light and Natural Elements

If one thing defines a coastal-styled space, it is the abundance of lightning.

You must break the boundary between indoors and outdoors as much as possible. Bringing a more spacious and airy feeling to your rooms is something that will be crucial to setting the right baseline for your coastal-designed space.

Primarily focus on large windows, glass doors, and external light sources.

When making a coastal design-inspired home, you want to achieve a light and relaxed vibe for your home.

You can attain this look by simply incorporating a bunch of different natural elements into your furniture pieces. When it comes to the wood types, they are ash, blond maple, or whitewashed most of the time.

We honestly recommend jute, seagrass, or straw if you’re searching for rug materials, but you can use any natural fabric that reduces your carbon footprint.

There are a couple of ideas for the winner combos for your furniture. You can choose white oak for your cabinets and furniture, while teak is also great.

coastal design living room, bright room, woven accessories, cream brown sofa and beach wall picture

Choose Your Coastal Tones

You don’t need to have a house by the sea to nail the right coastal style. What you do need is a good choice of colours.

Neutrals are a great baseline, but add some airy colours if you do not want your space to be too monotone. The best way for you to get the right picture is this. Think of the colours that are drowned in the water. The three main components for this are beach sand, the sea, and of course, the sky clouds mix.

When people think about the coastal interior, the blue colour is most likely the first thing that comes to mind.

Although you should incorporate blue into your space, white is the one you should base your space on.

As white reinforces effortless minimalism that makes every room more spacious, it perfectly fits the theme. This shade makes your rooms more spacious while supporting that effortless airy look you are searching for.

Light blues, greens, and greys perfectly add to this, making your space a true example of coastal design.

According to your taste, you can additionally alter your palettes.

coastal design living room, glass chandelier, dining table set for 4, sofa with pillows

Coastal Decoration Masterclass

There are many different ways to bring the coastal vibe into your home, even if you don’t live beside the beach.

Different rooms in the house have different approaches but the same baseline.

One of the spaces where you spend most of your time is your living room. To set the tone the right way, we suggest you go with some coastal-themed wall art.

Still, here you need to keep in mind what we spoke about at the beginning of the article.
Don’t put seashells, anchors, and cabana stripes as they are nautical.

What you should put instead are the motives from the seaside.

Here are the three different coastal styles in which you can decorate your home:


This particular style of coastal design is prevalent mainly in the European countries close to the Mediterranean Sea (Greece, Italy, and Spain). What they all have in common is a warm demeanour dominant both in their indoor and outdoor designs.

Mediterranean land is mainly defined by light blue, rust, yellow, and lavender, which is also incorporated in the lightning.

You can completely nail this look by adding rustic flair, terracotta materials are essential. Likewise, you can incorporate wall scones and tile flooring.

Open bookshelves and paint are a great way to mimic if you do not have exposed beams in your living room.

Beach minimalism style

This type of design is the closest to the coastal style’s default. Layered neutral colours perfectly coexist with white walls.

These homes usually have a lot of exposure to natural light, with a slight touch of baby blue. Coastal spaces that lean more towards minimalism revolve around one central focal point, mostly a chandelier or a dining table.

Island style

With its more bohemian approach, island living design takes a slightly different route for coastal design aesthetics.

Soft window treatments and white walls set the tone, while luscious rattan chairs and Mediterranean-themed area rugs are great focal points.

bright coastal bathroom, small interior plant near the window

Make Every Room More Coastal

Every room in the house needs a unique approach for a more joyful and beechy mood. Here are some extra tips to help you shape your home towards a genuine coastal interior.


The best way to make your hallway more coastal is to have as many natural materials as possible. You can also place attractive accessories like a straw hat, a beach ball, beachy flip-flops, and a towel.
If you have a wooden bench, it can be an excellent spot for some of your hallway decorations
(e.g.; a towel and a straw hat)

Dining room and kitchen

The coastal design is neutral by default, but you can still build on it with additional colour.

Cutlery is a great way to mix some additional colour with seating and wall art when it comes to your dining table. Be sure not to go with colours that are too aggressive. Baby blue, light green, and light brown are great choices.

When it comes to wall art motives, try to take inspiration from the seaside, while for the table centrepiece, you can have some tropical fruit. You can always place flowers or add a chandelier above if you want more centrepiece ideas. It all depends on your taste, and we encourage you to leave your personal touch. Keep in mind to make sure your decoration aims towards that light mood.

This space is also great for additional decorations like seashells and driftwood that you can place around the table.

Living Room Area

When it comes to your standard room, there are not so many things to keep an eye on.

As you set the tone, you must keep an eye on the lightning and wall colours.

Essentially, you want to expose your space to natural light as much as possible while keeping the bright tones.

You can mix this with some beautiful dining chair pieces like Evdano chair in Indigo blue or Wolfgang chair in Ivory cream to match the coastal aesthetic.

Sea Vibes Bathroom

If one room in your home should embody a coastal style, it is your bathroom. The best thing is that you can make it so with some slight touches.

Add some seashells, terracotta, and interior plants. If you let enough natural light in, this should already be enough to set the right mood.

Breezy Bedroom

Your bedroom is where we should feel calm and restful. The colour of your bedroom walls plays a major role, so keeping it as neutral as possible is important.

Besides your usual coastal decorations we previously mentioned, you can add some sea motives to your bedsheets.

The only thing left is to let some morning breeze inside to give you a nice, cosy feeling while you’re dreaming.