On the surface, a pillow is nothing more than a necessary component of every good night’s sleep. Still, this soft cushion can be an essential decor piece if appropriately utilised.

We noticed that there aren’t many sources that cover this topic. Therefore, we wanted to shed some light and give you tips and tricks that will help you make your space more beautiful and comfortable.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the most important part of this article.

Mid-century modern brown leather accent chair with curved back and dowel base. Sits on light rug

Chair Pillow Combo

Since the beginning, pillows and chairs have gone well together for multiple reasons. One of the reasons why is obviously the comfort part. People love to put a pillow behind their backs while working to straighten their spinal muscles and make their work more comfortable.

However, a pillow is often placed on the chair as an additional accessory. Regarding the colour, white ones contrast the black office chairs and darker shades and tones in general. This always makes them a default choice if you can’t decide which color of pillows to use.

Whether you are looking to decorate your interior or make your backyard and balcony look nicer, pillows should be one of the first decor pieces on your mind.

Brown leather accent chair with pillow in living room setting

Living Room Pillow Decor 101

This part of your home is undoubtedly one of the best spaces to decorate with a pillow.

Sofas should be the first ones to cross your mind for various reasons. Expansive space and similar soft surfaces practically invite you to decorate your space with pillows of all shapes and colors. More often than not, they are placed on the sides rather than at the central part of the bed. However, this is all a personal preference.

The living room gives you a lot of room to mix and match prints with the wall art and other colors on the sofa and the space around you. This will keep the eye engaged with the interior at all times, but it will also elevate the character of your room.

Brown leather accent chair with pillow in living room setting

How To Combine Shapes and Colors?

Combining colors also means combining different styles of shapes and textures. Ideally, you should always have a few neutral-coloured throw pillows for balance, one standout and maybe one or two with an exciting print.

When choosing your throw pillows, you should consider how they complement the other parts of the room. We recommend you pay attention to the walls, carpet and floor.

You will see how combined with the colors of the cushions, the natural textures of the wall and stone get highlighted more.

Neutral-colored pillows are the most versatile. They can literally be thrown into any decor mix and always fit.

Playing with different shapes is crucial for a beautiful and unique space. Never be afraid to experiment. Many people underestimate the versatility of the pillow as a decor piece. In reality, there is no such thing as a place where you can’t place it.

Hallway benches, more extensive wall shelves, swings on the balcony or backyard, lazy bags,… These are all perfect spots for a soft cushion to land on.

Mixing different shapes and sizes also plays a significant role in ensuring the vibrancy of your rooms. To make this as effective as possible, you need to make sure you scan your room and deconstruct your room. Be aware of the different furniture in your home and find the best way to combine the color and shape of the pillow with the rest of your surroundings.

electric standing desk and black office chair with a pillow. Home office minimalism

Pillow and Office Chair Combo

It is not a secret how well a pillow and an office chair go together. Generally, when we are working, but especially when we work from home, we want to feel comfortable. Therefore it’s a no-brainer that throws pillows are becoming more and more essential in any home office environment.

Besides the traditional way of placing your pillow, which is the lower part of your back, there are other intelligent methods to position it.

An excellent way to place your pillow is between your standing desk and your belly to protect your eyesight. This will keep you from leaning too much toward the screen during the day. We also recommend you buy glasses for the screen if you want extra precautions to protect your eyes.

But besides the comfort support, many have an emotional connection to their soft cushion. While working, people tend to hold a pillow in their lap for various reasons.

Sometimes to use it as support for the arms while they type, but sometimes just as emotional support, a hug buddy.

As it matters to the size of the pillow, ideally, you should ensure that it has the width of the backrest. The color will of course depend on your taste, but more often than not, office chair pillows tend to be black and white.

Wooden bench in Scandinavian living room, with soft boucle pillows on it

Pillows on the Floor?

If you are someone who loves putting lazy bags all over your floors, pillows can be a good decor piece to add next to them. Usually, you shouldn’t be putting your pillows on the ground; however, if you have a rug or an interesting-looking cushion, you can make an exception. Sometimes pillows on the floor can be a good solution if you have infants and small children in your home. There, soft support can also contribute to the safety of your kid while also serving as something he can play with.