Create New Relationships

Forming strong business relationships in your workplace is super important. It creates chemistry and more positive results on a collective and individual level. Opposite to boardrooms, meeting rooms are warmer, friendly, and have less space between. This is exactly why it is important that your chairs have that comfortable and cozy feeling to them.


More Productive Meeting Room

Meetings can sometimes be tiring, especially if they are long and you’re discussing heavier topics. Still, it is important that your team keeps those productivity and energy levels throughout those more demanding tasks. Besides comfort that is very important, our office chair’s x stitching gives the necessary airflow that prevents sweat during those long hours.


Decorate Your Space

A true meeting room always has that welcoming feeling that bonds people together towards a common goal. Decorating it with a couple of interior plants, personalized accessories and lovely office furniture will make your time spent more enjoyable as the time passes by.


Reach Us If You Need Help

Our dedicated B2B team is here to give you all the answers you need. Do not hesitate to reach them whenever you need any assistance. From general inquiries to problem solving situations, they stand at your service at all times.


Strong Logistic Infrastructure

Our warehouses have an outstanding capacity of space which helps us organize and efficiently fulfill our orders in a timely manner. In addition to that, we have our facilities in various countries other than just the United Kingdom which helps us expand and improve the quality of our products.


Which types of chairs are the best for my meeting room?

Even though we encourage you to choose the chairs you prefer, our office chairs will most likely be the best fit for your meeting room.

How many items can I order?

There is not an actual limit on how many chairs you can order.

Why are your products great for my business?

Besides their premium quality, our chair’s variety of colours and unmatched comfort make them ideal for restaurants and catering facilities.

How will I get access to a dedicated B2B specialist?

By becoming our B2B customer you immediately get access to our specialists and more.

Do I need to worry about my office chairs making noise?

We designed our office chairs to be as silent as possible. For smooth movement without any noise, we recommend you our premium oil for the wheels that you can get with the office chairs.

What Benefits Do I Get As A Business Customer?

  • Discount iconVolume Discount on orders value over £1500
  • Star iconDedicated B2B team with one click away to all the information
  • Truck iconOrganized delivery that fits your unique business schedule
  • Receipt iconReceive invoices in a fast manner for your accounting
  • Cart iconEasy ordering process with no accounts needed

    Contact our B2B Team

    Should you have specific requirements, please reach out to our dedicated B2B Team.

    We pride ourselves on adopting a tailored approach for each business. From small restaurants to large hotels, whether you require extensive stock or fast delivery, we believe we have a solution for everyone.

    Our Team will get back to you very shortly!