As one of the most high-end parts of London, Notting Hill is worth visiting, especially if you are a fan of multicultural environments, high-end restaurants and pastel-coloured houses. We were curious to find out if there is a place that we can associate with amazing food and beautiful furniture. If you search for a tasty pastry and a stylish dining interior, your first stop should be Oree. Besides the beautiful interior and exterior appearance, we noticed a couple of interesting Nordic furniture pieces that caught our attention. Let’s see which of Oree’s breakfast ideas can you bake while combining some of their seating options in your modern home.

Welcome To Oree

Front entrance to Oree bakery with wishbone chairs in the back

If you’ve found yourself in Notting Hill and looking for a fresh morning pastry, Oree is a place to go. Founded by Elizabeth & Laurent d’Orey, this charming place offers different pâtisseries, salads, breakfast dishes, and sandwiches. While working with some of the best artisanal experts from Nantes, France, Oree’s chefs combined knowledge to create many innovative recipes that have been rarely seen. Due to a popular wellness trend that is still going strong in London, you can see a lot of healthy and gluten-free dishes. They have fantastic taste, but the visual part is also on point.

Besides the beautiful and vast choice of breakfast dishes and freshly baked morning bread, we can’t help but notice the interior. Oree loves to combine different cultures, whether their food or design. Inspired by Scandinavian style, we’ve noticed a couple of furniture pieces that you can most likely incorporate into your home.

Wishbone Chair and Breakfast

Danish dining chairs on display in the bakery. Woman looking at the pastry catalogue

At Notting Hill’s favourite breakfast spot, we’ve noticed that the interior looks modern and welcoming. Their designers know how to make a place where people want to stay, and Scandinavian design plays a significant role.

Every real host knows that a dining experience is more than just the dish itself. We all know it is the most important segment, but many different components need to be on point to give your guest the best treatment. What about the level of comfort that you are experiencing during your breakfast? Do you think that’s important? Besides the aesthetics of the place itself, comfort takes the cake as the most important thing. Oree takes one unique approach to this and decides to go with the Scandinavian Style classic, the famous wishbone chair. There are so many reasons why this seating option stole the hearts of people worldwide and the UK especially.

The chair’s design provides maximum comfort while ensuring that you also have space for your arms. The seat itself is made of a Danish paper cord, but there are different types of wood that you can choose for this chair. One of the most popular ones is Beechwood, American ash and Californian Oak. The good thing is that you can have the wishbone chair in your home. It works perfectly as a dining room seating option, but it can also look amazing in your living room. Notting Hill’s favourite breakfast spot combines them with a wooden table, but Tulip Table can be a great alternative in your home.

Choose Your Meal

Delicious pastries from Oree bakery on display

When visiting Oree, we wanted to taste as many dishes as possible to find out which one was the best. In the end, we realised that we couldn’t settle for just one, so here are some of the best ones:

  • Morning pastries – If you are on the go and can’t sit and have a proper breakfast, why not grab one of the freshly baked pastries? Our favourites are Nutella and Raspberry croissants.
  • Sandwiches & Savouries – You can either eat them on your way to work or sit and savour the taste with these. Most of the sandwiches are with chicken or ham, but you can also find a lot of healthy veggies.
  • Birthday & Celebration – Oree is a great place to buy a tasty surprise for your loved ones. Whether it is a cake, a tart or Mille Feuilles, they are definitely in for a tasty treat.

Notting Hill’s Nordic Design

Two dinish dining chairs with two small dining tables, Tree interior plant in the bakery next to them

We’ve been amazed how many different Notting Hill restaurants and interiors generally have the Scandinavian design as their main interior component. In the last couple of years, this style has become popular in Europe and across the whole globe. Restaurants, houses and workspaces in this part of London are primarily high-end and luxurious, so it’s no wonder that Nordic design is its first choice. The biggest question is, why did the Scandinavian style become a synonym for every modern home? The answer is simplicity.

Effortlessness is now a norm when it comes to beauty standards. Nordic design has simplistic shapes that are non-try hard but still retain that sense of class in their shapes. The good news is that this interior style is now more affordable than ever, and you can implement it in any modern space or home. We’ve also noticed that catering facilities implement Nordic design-based pieces in their interior in order to make their space more warm and welcoming. This is another strong feat that is one of the main reasons why you should do that in your own interior.

Why Scandinavian Furniture

Quality Wooden furniture makes every home feel more welcoming. Modern bakeries insist on having this type of furniture in their space because it is very inviting. Did you know that when people walk on the street and see fresh pastries, they also pay attention to the interior around them? If customers like the aesthetics of the chairs and the whole interior they might consider taking a sit and returning to the bakery more than once. This behaviour is the main reason why so many bakeries choose Scandinavian furniture as their main choice. Likewise, this is also why you should have Nordic pieces in your home.