June 21, 2024 • Style

So you’ve poured your heart, a lot of time, effort (and probably a small fortune) into crafting a perfect menu, hiring the best staff and selecting the best spot for your restaurant.

However, many fail to notice that the dining chairs play a much bigger role in your space than you think.

Chairs should always be your go-to for creating the ideal mood. They make your guests feel at home and leave a good impression while also improving how you look and promoting your brand’s identity.

We followed the steps of a popular Scandinavian-style Crossback chair as it made its way into three different restaurants: one serving lively Indian street food, one with a modern industrial vibe, and one with a minimalist pastry shop. Let’s explore how these chairs gave each space a fresh vibe and how they could be your key to achieving the same effect in your own restaurant.

No more rambling, diving in!

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Mowgli Street Food: A Vintage Vibe with Modern Comfort

Brown wooden crossback chairs in a shiny restaurant setting.

Imagine: a customer walks into Mowgli Street Food and is greeted by a warm, inviting atmosphere. The timeless style of the wooden crossback chairs lures them in with their classic design, echoing the vintage décor around them.

The clean lines of the chairs prevent the space from feeling cluttered, allowing the vibrant colours and patterns to take center stage. It’s the perfect environment to relax, savour the explosion of flavours, and fully immerse oneself in the Mowgli Street Food experience.

Warm touch of the wooden crossback chairs resonates so well with the vintage theme. Their classic lines add a timeless touch create a sense of familiar comfort, inviting strangers to relax and dive into the culinary adventure that awaits.

The chairs’ simple design avoids clashing with the other vintage elements, instead acting as a subtle yet cohesive bridge between old and new. It blends into the space effortlessly while also stealing the spotlight.

The crossback chairs’ clean lines and uncluttered form add to the overall openness of the restaurant. This spaciousness complements the vibrant colours and patterns often associated with vintage design, preventing the space from feeling visually overwhelming. The result is a captivating fusion of vintage charm and modern comfort, perfectly setting the stage for Mowgli Street Food’s delicious and exciting cuisine.

The Quarter: Elevating the Industrial Chic

White crossback chairs in a bright restaurant setting.

The Quarter’s industrial-chic design is a beautiful, bold statement. Exposed brick walls, metal accents, and statement lighting create an atmosphere that’s both edgy and undeniably cool. However, seating in that type of space needs to walk a fine line: it must be stylish enough to complement the industrial vibe, yet comfortable and inviting.

This is where our Crossback chairs come in to bring harmony. Their clean lines and simple shapes reflect industrial design’s simplicity. The seats’ simplicity lets the space’s striking components shine, creating a harmonious and appealing space.

The impact goes beyond looks. Industrial design is frequently cold. The warm wood tones of the Crossback chairs contrast with the chilly metal and concrete of industrial design. This balances the atmosphere and invites customers to stay and enjoy the unique setting.

The Crossback chairs’ strong build matches the industrial theme’s emphasis on functionality and durability. Despite the wear and tear of a busy restaurant, the chairs are a durable solution that represents the industrial aesthetic’s approach.

Oree Bakeries: A Touch of Scandinavian Charm

Wooden crossback chairs in a modern bakery at night.

Oree Bakeries are home to delicious pastries and baked foods. Every morning the aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries fills the air and invites passengers to come in and experience the warmth and comfort of the space.

Here, Scandinavian minimalism takes centre stage, and it is both elegant and inviting.

In this minimalist design, our Crossback chairs elevate the atmosphere. Their natural wood finish mimics Scandinavian designs’ organic components, creating a sense of warmth and art that matches Oree’s devotion to make their customers comfortable with homemade pastries. The seats’ simple design keeps the spotlight on the bakery’s delicious treats and clean lines.

The seats’ simple form lets the pastries’ brilliant colours shine. Imagine a showcase cabinet full of colourful macarons, croissants, and desserts. Oree Bakeries’ visual feast is enhanced by the seats’ clean lines, making the pastries even more appealing.

The outcome is a chic, friendly bakery. Our Crossback chairs offer warmth and usefulness to Oree’s minimalist style without compromising beautiful lines. They naturally extend the Oree Bakeries brand, creating an attractive ambience that lets customers enjoy their baked goods’ artistry and flavour.

Beyond the Aesthetics: Why Crossback Chair?

Crossback chair dining set in a Scandinavian interior.

The impact of our Crossback chairs on a restaurant’s setting is obvious, but their practical use goes much beyond that. Here are some additional reasons why Crossback chairs are a perfect choice for your restaurant:


Made from high-quality strong materials, our crossback chairs are built to last. They can withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy restaurant environment, ensuring a long-lasting investment.

Exceptional Comfort

The ergonomic design of our crossback chairs provides exceptional comfort for your diners. The shape of the backrest provides the healthy placement for your back and lumbar area. This not only enhances the dining experience but also encourages the customers to come again.

Versatility and maintenance

The minimalistic design of our crossback chair allows it to adapt and suit the aesthetic of any modern restaurant easily. This allows you to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere that reflects your brand identity.

Also, our Crossback chairs’ simple design makes them easy to clean and maintain, saving you valuable time and resources.

Investing in Your Restaurant’s Success

Investing in our high-quality crossback chairs, is more than just buying furniture; you’re investing in the success of your restaurant. These chairs will not only elevate the aesthetics of your space but also contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience for your customers.

Inspired to Transform Your Restaurant?

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