Dining sets are the heart of every modern home. However, styling can feel overwhelming, especially when navigating trends and aesthetics. This guide focuses on two enduring and versatile styles: Scandinavian minimalism and mid-century modern.

ith so many of us moving to work in our study and living rooms, there is an excellent opportunity to decorate your space and adjust it to your personal needs. Opposed to a previous dominant ideology in the corporate world, this new one is about making employees comfortable to perform better.

Above all else, this guide is tailored to complement the stunning Scandinavian minimalism and mid-century modern homes.

Setting the Stage: Scandinavian Minimalism vs. Mid-Century Modern

Scandinavian home decor on the left and Mid-century modern interior design on the right

Before diving into styling tips, let’s understand the core principles of each style.

Scandinavian minimalism is characterised by clean lines, natural materials (think wood and light fabrics), and a neutral colour palette. It creates a sense of calm and spaciousness, perfect for smaller homes.

On the other hand, mid century dining table and chairs celebrate form and function with organic shapes, bold pops of color, and a focus on craftsmanship. It evokes a sense of optimism and sophistication.

Scandinavian dining table and chairs

The Scandinavian approach to dining table sets is all about creating a sense of light, airiness, and effortless elegance. Here’s how to achieve this look.

Scandinavian dining table

The ideal Scandinavian dining table emphasises natural beauty. Look for a light wood table in a finish like ash or walnut. You can see some Scandinavian dining set motives if you look at our Wolfgang Dining Set. These types of sets feature a clean, rectangular tabletop with tapered legs, perfectly embodying the Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic. Round dining table set is also a popular choice, promoting a more intimate feel in your dining area.

As long as your table has clean lines and wooden light brown neutral tones you can go all out. For example, dining table set of 6 or more chairs can give your Scandinavian living room a grandiose feeling while still blending in its simplistic nature.

Scandinavian dining chairs

Dining chairs should complement the table’s simplicity. Light wood chairs with woven paper cord seats, like the famous Danish dining chair, are a quintessential Scandinavian choice. Our Wolfgang Dining Set offers chairs with upholstered seats in a warm brown shade – a practical option that still adheres to the neutral colour palette.

Final verdict and bonus tips

The key is to create a sense of spaciousness and uncluttered elegance. Avoid heavy or bulky furniture. Let the wood’s natural beauty and the design’s clean lines take centre stage.

Introduce a touch of warmth with a natural fiber table runner or simple woven placemats.
Indoor plants, like small potted amazon plants, ZZ plants or a hanging vine, add a touch of life without overwhelming the minimalist feel.

Mid-century dining table and chairs

Mid-century modern table and chairs celebrate color, form, and functionality. This design movement, flourishing from the mid-1940s to the 1960s, embraced innovation and a rejection of traditional styles. It also welcomes a distinct vintage appeal from the 50s and 60s. Here’s how to capture this vibrant and playful aesthetic in your dining space.

Essentials of mid-century modern dining table

Embrace bolder design elements. The Packard Dining Set offers a perfect example: a sleek walnut table with a tapered rectangular top. This exemplifies the clean lines, geometrical shapes and focus on functionality that are hallmarks of mid-century modern table. Consider materials like glass or laminate for a touch of modernity, as these elements were also popular during this era. Think oval or round shapes for an additional nod to the style, or choose a table with a sculptural base for a touch of conversation-starting flair.

Mid-century modern dining chairs

Go for chairs that reflect the era’s playful spirit. The Packard Dining Set features dining chairs with a classic mid-century modern silhouette and brown faux leather upholstery. Alternatively, you could choose chairs with pops of colour in the upholstery or interesting geometric patterns. Consider chairs with contrasting materials like a walnut frame and a colourful fabric seat.

Final verdict and bonus tips

The key is to create a sense of fun and personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unique shapes and tones. While maintaining a cohesive overall look, you can mix and match textures and patterns to create a visually interesting dining space.

Balance the bold elements with organic materials like wood and brass. For example, use a wooden bowl filled with fresh fruit or a brass candleholder with a simple white candle.

Incorporate pops of colour that reflect the era’s vibrant palettes. Use colorful placemats and napkins or display a piece of modern art with a bold colour scheme.

Living room dining chair sets

dining chair set in a modern living room

  • Scandinavian Minimalism Carry over the living room’s minimalist design and breezy atmosphere into the dining table and chairs. Try to find a dining set made of light wood with tapered legs, such as an ash table with upholstered chairs in neutral tones. To unify the room and provide a solid foundation for the place to eat and socialise without taking away from the minimalist style, consider a rug made of natural materials such as wool or jute.
  • Mid-Century Modern Choose dining chairs with contrasting upholstery in flashes of colour like mustard yellow or emerald and a modern walnut table with a tapering rectangular top. With its geometric patterns and strong lines, a rug like this would look well with the amusing, mid-century modern dining set.
  • Outdoor dining sets

    outdoor dining chair set

    • Scandinavian Minimalism Lightly finished wood, such as ash or teak, makes a beautiful dining set perfect for the outdoors. Simple pieces, such as rectangular tables with tapering legs, are the best.

      Woven rope seats or weatherproof wicker chairs offer a textured accent that harmonises with the natural materials. Use neutral colours like beige, grey, or white for the tablecloths and accent cushions to create a soothing and peaceful colour scheme. Potted plants of varying heights and textures can add a splash of colour while still preserving the space’s earthy vibe. As the sun sets, white lanterns or string lights set the mood for enchanting evenings spent beneath the sky.

    • Mid-Century Modern A dining set from the mid-century modern era is perfect for a lively and carefree outdoor area! Pick for an aesthetically pleasing and weather-resistant metal dining set.

      To find pieces that capture the essence of that era’s classic style, search for tapering bases and geometric accents. If you want to add some character to your space, go for chairs in bright colours like mustard yellow, orange, or emerald.

      A striped awning not only offers shade but also brings a playful touch and alludes to the geometric patterns commonly found in mid-century modern design. To define the area and inject some visual appeal, think about getting an outdoor rug with a basic geometric pattern. Lastly, don’t be afraid to combine different designs! Transform your multicoloured chairs into a one-of-a-kind outdoor dining space by playing with patterned outdoor cushions.

    • Beyond the Basics: Styling Tips for a Unique Look

      danish dining chair set in Scandinavian home decor

      Now that you have the foundation, let’s elevate your dining space with these styling tips:

      Scandinavian Minimalism lights

      Expose your room and dining set to natural light whenever possible. In the evenings, use pendant lamps or sconces with clean lines and a warm glow.

      Mid-Century Modern lights

      Get creative with lighting! A statement chandelier or Sputnik lamp will add a touch of personality. Every light that adds additional character to your dining set is spot on.

      Accessories and tabletop decor

      Tabletop decor on a black dining table and chairs. Elegant and minimalistic.

      No matter how simplistic it is, every dining set needs some accents and accessories to make it reach its full potential. Here is a quick how to:

      Scandinavian Minimalism

      Keep it simple and functional. A statement vase with fresh flowers or a sculptural centerpiece will add a touch of personality without cluttering the space.

      Use natural materials like wood, stone, or linen for your table runner, placemats, and napkins. Keep the colour palette neutral and add texture with woven elements.

      Mid-Century Modern

      Experiment with bold colours and patterns. A statement bowl filled with colourful fruit or a vintage lamp can add a touch of conversation-starting flair.

      Have fun with pops of colour and geometric patterns. Mix and match your placemats and napkins for a playful look.

      Finishing Touches: Trends for 2024 and Beyond

      Outdoor dining set in a luxurious minimalistic yard with nature and pendant lamps hanging from a big frame.

      Let’s explore some exciting trends that can elevate your Scandinavian Minimalist or Mid-Century Modern dining space:

      Sustainable materials

      Both aesthetics embrace eco-conscious choices. Look for dining sets made from recycled wood, organic fabrics, and natural fibers.

      Biophilic design

      In a biophilic design scheme, natural features such as hanging vines, potted plants, or botanical prints are all great indoors.

      Curved materials

      Soft curves are evoking a renaissance in furniture design, lending an air of feminine ease to both modern and traditional pieces.

      Statement Lighting

      Make a bold statement with a one-of-a-kind pendant light or a string of pendants over your dinner table; lighting is an art form after all.

      Personal touches

      Even though both styles highlight simple lines, feel free to add accents that suit your own style. This category could include anything from a work of art to a collection of mementoes from a trip.

      Investing in Your Restaurant’s Success

      By investing in our high-quality crossback chairs, you’re not just acquiring furniture; you’re investing in the success of your restaurant. These chairs will not only elevate the aesthetics of your space but also contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience for your customers.