Why We Operate in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland matters.

Dear Northern Ireland friends, welcome. We are pleased to introduce our new shipping program specially adjusted to your needs. Having our warehouse on Irish Island, we made sure that you don’t need to bother with annoying custom clearance. Instead, our delivery process is efficient, especially if you’re ordering from our Ireland based website.

See instant benefits.

Suppose you order anything from Nordina Home today. In that case, we can deliver our products straight to your door from our local warehouse, providing you with a seamless and smooth experience without the VAT and tiresome paperwork. Due to our policy being adjusted to our Northern Ireland friends, the return process is straightforward without any complications.

Exclusive shipping privileges.

Our business is aware that ordering online on UK-based websites can be challenging for Northern Ireland based customers. That is exactly why we prioritized never charging any extra shipping to any customer in Irish Ireland. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Newtownabbey, Belfast, Derry or any other NI city, you will receive these privileges.

We’re in Northern Ireland for good.

Over the years, we deeply fell in love with NI and its culture. With the local carriers and the team who share the same values, we want to further invest in the infrastructure in the upcoming years. If you’re going to check how low our shipping prices are, check out now and see the shipping price on nordinahome.co.uk.