Strong women run our business.

We believe that every strong business always has strong women in positions of power. As our Nordina Home management team expanded throughout the years, we brought more incredible women into the decision-making positions. Now 4 out of 7 of our managers are strong ladies ready to take on any challenging task.

Supporting new mothers.

Having our beautiful moms heavily involved in the business is always our priority. After giving birth, many companies cut off new mothers from everyday work events. We encourage our ladies to be involved in the business as much as possible during their maternity leave by giving them an option to work 8 hours a week if they choose to.

Our women are skilled.

Skills are crucial in making our business successful for many years to come. That is precisely why more than 50% of women are in positions of power. We must value every individual based on his skill levels, and we are proud to have so many incredible women taking on the most demanding daily challenges.

Actions over words.

Committed to results, we want to make sure every-single department works in perfect coordination with one another. As the heads of our logistics, accounting, customer service, and production departments, our ladies hold great accountability for every profit that comes into our business. We have been growing strong for five years now which only shows the results of our hard work over the years.