Dining table is the heart of the home. It's a stage for laughter-filled feasts, whispered secrets over coffee, and quiet mornings bathed in sunshine. Whether gleaming marble grace your dining room or a rustic wood anchors your kitchen, the table fosters connection, transforming meals into memories. Imagine grand celebrations around a black beauty that seats ten, or cozy breakfasts for two at a round white haven. Dining tables are the silent storytellers of our lives, witnesses to shared laughter and tear-streaked smiles. So, pull up a chair – wooden, upholstered, or sleek metal – and explore the world of dining tables, where every meal becomes a moment to gather, connect, and celebrate.

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Choose your tabletop colour: black, white and brown

Explore dining table aesthetics, where tabletop colour sets the tone for your entire dining space. Our handpicked collection includes something for every taste and style, from bold, timeless, evergreen black, and eye-catching white to a lively palette. Choose a hue that matches your personality and home décor to enhance your dining experience. Let your dining table be a showpiece for elegant dinners and memorable occasions. Discover the beauty of each color option and choose the tabletop shade that best matches your dining room design.

Strong character of black dining table

Black dining table elevates your space by combining strength and sophistication. Black tabletops have a timeless and commanding presence, yet they are versatile enough to fit any interior design. In modern and contemporary settings, black dining tables add character and a chic sleek element, while traditional ones give you bold contrast. Matte-finished adds an edge of individuality to this collection. Besides looks, black dining tables conceal minor imperfections, making them ideal for busy households.

White dining table - a bright focal point

Serving as a bright focal point, white dining tables bring a breath of fresh air with a touch of sophistication to your room. White dining tabletops are incredibly adaptable and may be combined with various home designs. Whether it’s a clean white marble dining table finish or a wooden kitchen table it perfectly lets your decor stand out and enhance its brightness. In addition to its visual appeal, white dining tables help create a light and airy atmosphere, which is perfect for a chic and inviting dining room.

Brown dining table

The rich tones of brown dining tables bring cosiness to any dining space. With its natural charm, brown evokes warmth and elegance. This dining table colour works well in classic, rustic, modern, and contemporary settings. A brown dining table is the centrepiece of any traditional or rustic dining room due to its beauty and hospitality. The warmth of wood finishes makes them fit in traditional interiors as a kitchen table and dining room table. Contemporary style lovers can balance classic and modern with sleek brown dining tables.

Dining table materials

The material of your dining table shapes your interior personality. Each has its own benefits and unique properties, so it is very important to make the right choice for your dining room table and kitchen table.

Marble dining table

In modern homes, the marble dining table acts as a statement piece and often a focal point around which the rest of the room revolves. Round marble tables with natural veining patterns make the tabletop more authentic, drawing attention to its patterns. Known for its long-lasting quality marble top dining table, it will retain its breathtaking beauty for years due to its resistance to scratches, stains, heat, wear and tear. Marble dining table also possess the quality and aesthetic that transcends design trends. It goes well with both contemporary and classic interior designs.

Marble dining table’s neutral tones make it easy to pair with a wide range of materials, including wood and metal. This opens up a world of design possibilities that perfectly complement the modern style.

Wood dining table

The wooden dining table goes amazingly well with so many different interior designs. Biophilic homes, where combining natural elements with the interior is a priority, work amazingly with bright and dark wood dining tables. Wooden tables can be mixed with a wide variety of materials and textures, so you can create a unique and tailored design by combining other pieces of furniture and decor. In line with the style of modern homes, modern wooden dining tables tend to have minimalist designs with clean lines and simple forms. If you’re going for brighter shades, you should definitely choose ash, beech or oak, while walnut dining table brings the most character out of dark tones.

Dining Table in Interior Design

Beyond their practical use, dining tables are essential to the aesthetic storyline of your home. With thoughtful selection, each table enhances a room's individuality and blends with a wide range of decor styles.

Mid-century dining table

Before all else, mid-century dining table is defined by straight edges and clean lines. With functionality and minimalism as hallmarks, mid-century dining table usually feature bold colours mixed with natural materials. Mid-century dining tables should be paired with similar dining chairs, preferably with tapered legs.

Scandinavian dining table

Minimalism, warmth and clean lines are synonyms of a Scandi dining table. To nail this look, avoid unnecessary ornamentation and use a sleek silhouette. Nordic dining tables blend with Danish dining chairs and natural wood aesthetics like ash, beech, oak and walnut. Neutral colours like beige white, light brown and grey dominate the Scandinavian dining table aesthetic.

Keep it simple with natural elements like candles, vases with greenery, or woven placemats when accessorising. Avoid cluttering the table to maintain a clean aesthetic.

Contemporary dining table

Contemporary dining tables love to mix and match textures. A wooden table with a glass top, a concrete base with a metallic overlay, or even a table made entirely of textured resin are all possibilities. It is also important that you balance the bold colours when it comes to your dining table. Here you want to make everything besides the table neutral in colour.

Structure your dining table

Different dining table dimensions and shapes have different impacts on the rooms in your home. That’s why it is important that you know how each of your dining room tables shapes and influences the aesthetic and functionality of your rooms.

Narrow dining tables

A compact dining table adds modern elegance to your home. Imagine a casual bistro ambience created by strategically placing chairs on one side. Enjoy a long communal bench in a modern, lively setting.

A smooth visual balance is essential. Avoid top-heavy seating by pairing your narrow table with moderate-height seats. Try different textures and materials to explore design. Choose wood, metal, or glass to create visual appeal and match your decor.

Light your dining room strategically. Elegant pendant lights or sconces above the table provide a cosy atmosphere that illuminates and defines your dining room.

Add a trendy rug under the table to anchor this elegant setup. The story of your trendy eating place is completed by its comfort and colour or pattern. Increase your eating experience easily with modern sophistication in every detail.

The forgotten heroes of interior design, narrow dining tables serve beyond just space optimisation. In addition to their aesthetics, they provide a unique chance to experiment with layout and decoration. Some of their benefits include:

Light, open and airy feel

Their thin shape permits light and visual movement, avoiding the overwhelming effect of large furniture in small rooms.

Space Optimization

These tables are perfect for studios, small apartments, or narrow dining areas since they make the most of the available space while still offering a place to eat.

Style enhancing

Consistent with the current style's emphasis on minimalism and straight lines. A narrow dining table also provides versatility by serving as a workstation, console table and decor placement.

Rectangle dining table

Although versatile, a rectangular dining table fits rectangular living rooms best. For intimate gatherings and lively family feasts, rectangle dining tables are great for making the most of their space. Rectangular dining tables are great if you'd rather not stress over symmetry and trying to match pieces of furniture in different rooms.

Depending on your preference, you may either anchor your dining table against a wall or position it in the room's centre to serve as its focal point.

Dining table for small spaces

Small dining tables, are space maximisers as much as they are space savers, depending on the room. Although dining tables for small spaces are very functional they are also versatile as they can be big accessories themselves.

Sometimes, instead of using them as a small dining table, people use it as a pedestal for smaller, accessories and art pieces. Small dining tables easily adapt to different layouts, allowing you to reconfigure your space. They visually expand the area, making compact rooms feel airy and inviting.

small spaces, big impact

You can maximize floor space and make a stunning dining nook by tucking your small dining table against a wall or into a corner. Invent some unique seating arrangements by choosing movable pieces like benches, stools, or seats that can be folded up and stored when not in use.

You can also hang a mirror behind the dining table to reflect light and make the room seem larger.

Large dining room table

A large dining room table is a statement piece for those who value gatherings, conversation, and shared meals. However, how can you include large dining tables into Scandinavian minimalism, mid-century modern, and biophilic design? Let's discuss roomy tables' benefits and how to incorporate them.

Large dining table benefits

Big dining tables encourage bigger gatherings. This multipurpose dining table is perfect for more than just eating; it may also serve as a desk, a gaming surface, or a place to do arts and crafts.

Scandinavian minimalism

Here, make sure you go for natural tones and clean, simple lines. Position your large dining table near the windows to capitalise on natural light.

Pair the dining table with a minimalist chair and avoid bulky designs. Stick to simple forms in neutral tones.

Mid-Century Modern

Rounded corners and tapered legs are classic examples of mid-century-designed dining table. To add visual appeal, experiment with different materials, such as wood and glass or metal. Also bring splashes of colour while adding vintage decor like sculptures and vases to add charm to the space.

Biophilic design

Place plants around your dining table and integrate organic textures such as woven carpets, wicker chairs and linen tablecloths. Also, open the space to natural light and consider installing biophilic light bulbs.

Explore our bar stool service: swift delivery in UK

When it comes to dining tables in the UK, Nordina Home offers fast shipping and express delivery. Besides functionality, our modern dining tables offer a variety of colours available in white, black and brown, as well as quality made to last for years to come. Our kitchen tables are perfect for your dining room, and living room space.

We’re also taking extra care to ensure our dining tables are shipped promptly from our warehouse. Collected on a daily, our items take 1-3 days maximum to be delivered.

While we usually deliver our dining room tables to big cities within 1 day, remote areas like the North of Scotland might take slightly longer, but couriers communicate ETA via email and/or SMS.

It is also important for us to always keep our dining table stock availability fresh. Our couriers from DHL and DPD (depending on the product) give excellent service, ensuring they communicate with customers and organise pick-up points if they are not at home ready to receive our products. While the vast majority of our kitchen tables are delivered by DHL, other desks, depending on availability and areas, are sent with DPD instead. DPD also has a lot of convenient pick-up points that allow you to divert your delivery to the nearest coffee shop. With thousands of them across the UK, we make it easier for you to collect them when you’re not home.

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Our online store offers a variety of flexible payment methods for your bar chairs. Choose from a variety of methods, including major credit and debit cards like VISA, Mastercard, and American Express, powered by Stripe. Experience flexibility with instant dining table purchases through Klarna's invoice system or opt for 0% APR three-month instalments. Elevate security and ease with PayPal, while mobile users enjoy ApplePay and GooglePay for swift checkouts. Your trust and the long-lasting quality of your dining table are our priorities.